5 gorgeous tracks to start your week off right

Tunes to get your head in the right place for the week! Added to this lovely playlist below;

Ira Wolf gives us “The Boat” a cinematic production with one of the most epic notes we’ve heard sung in a while (2:40). This Celtic-influenced singer-songwriter piece is sure to warm your heart and make you feel all whimsical and sentimental. A gorgeous tune with a gorgeous lyric video, highly recommend it.

Thorin Looks give us their new song “Threads” a sweet and intimate track. The non-lyrical sections with just some sweet “ohs” as the melody really allow the listener to become instantly familiar with the tune.

Hayden Calnin “I Believe in Something More” is an introspective tune delivered with a controlled shuffle with some quick subdivisions which breathe life into a sparse and reflective tune. “I Believe in Something More” builds into a group chant where the title is repeated in the melody again and again in such a positive and motivational way it makes this tune impossible to ignore and easy to fall in love with.

Twin Bridges “Come Out / On” is a very sparsely rhythmic organic production that is intimate and bright. A chamber folk tune with some ambient nature sounds as textures “Come Out / On” takes an artistic risk and strays from the path in a way that captures classical music in a very modern way which maybe takes away some barriers that are otherwise felt by the casual music listener. This track reminds me of a band I used to love called Air Quotes. Thanks to Twin Bridges for some new chamber folk.

“Close to You” by Citizen Cope is an amazing tune. I first discovered this incredible songwriter in a Warren Miller film. The vocals in “Close to You” by Citizen Cope are larger than life with many layers in the production. The slow pacing coupled with the minor harmonic choices gives this track a darkly sensual track. The psychedelic bridge takes on a life of its own with lots of modulation and phasers distorting an otherwise organic tune.

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