Forest Ray “Please be Nice (To Me)”

Forest Ray “Please be Nice (To Me)” is a charming alt-country track with gorgeous western twangy guitar work and a mantra we can all get behind. This song screams road trip or coming of age film with the lines “how did my life go by so fast, please be kind”. The beautiful and lush arrangement that includes some legato flutes coupled with the country western music video with scenic landscapes really gives Forest Ray “Please be Nice (To Me)” a next level brand and feel to it!


Practicing our dodgeball for tour 🍻clip from our “Honesty” music video – Tonight we play Reno and tomorrow its Salt Lake City at International Bar and Saturday at Skylark Lounge Denver #tour #psych #musicvideo #touringband #music #livemusic

♬ original sound – forestrayrecords

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