Deer Fellow, Sarah Jane Scouten, Nate Amor, R.F. Coleman

R.F. Coleman “Crazy For You” has a seductive and dark tone. With a cool slap back delay and some funky horn lines which gives “Crazy For You” an exotic feel. If you’re looking for mysterious sensual vibes in your cool new garage-y sounding pop you’ll fall hard for “Crazy For You” by R.F. Coleman.

Nate Amor “Beautiful” is a soft and sweet piece of music that will pick you up and put you back on your feet. Strong John Mayer vibes with the intimate call and response guitar and vocal arrangement. The raspy vocal that hits later in the song elevates the experience into something more powerful. If your week needs a pick me up then look no further than “Beautiful” by Nate Amor.

Sarah Jane Scouten “Is It Just The Whisky Talking” is a gorgeous intimate song that conjures imagery of a dimly lit wooden bar with two small tumblrs almost empty on the table. This is a song meant for a scene in a movie with a tone of sentiment that will bring a tear to your eye or make you feel real sweet. What a lovely vocal timbre Sarah Jane Scouten has, if you’re in the mood for a libation this holiday season try putting on “Is It Just The Whisky Talking”.

Deer Fellow “Unravel” is a slightly psychedelic intimate song that harmonic quality gives the feeling of searching for a feeling just out of reach. Written about a video game of the same name the lyrics attempt to tackle drifting through life with anxiety and vulnerability. The vocals are performed in a tender and relaxed manner which gives the song a nice gentle but mysterious vibe. Give “Unravel” a stream below!

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