Kate Schroder, The Great Divide, EVERDEEN, Jimmy & Verona

Finding great new music is a fulfilling experience, check out some selections below to discover your next favorite song!


Kate Schroder has a new song called “Thief” that features a great pop rock performance and an entertaining music video. The artist sums up their track with the phrase “Hurt Happens”. Give her some love below!

The Great Divide “Find the Others” is a trippy trip-hop track that features sparse harmonic qualities and groovy electronic rhythmic qualities to support a very cool and deep vocal performance. A wonderfully minimalistic track that conjures all sorts of mysterious tensions through its sparse qualities, the vocalist has an incredible low range to their voice.

EVERDEEN “I’m Sorry” delivers a message about a relationship doom to fail but the hurt that goes along with falling out of love first. The 80s tinged track features a very cool vocal performance that gave me The Cranberries or Girlhouse vibes in the vocals but the instrumental is something unique, if your misery needs a danceable company check out “I’m Sorry” by EVERDEEN.

“Enemy” by Jimmy & Verona is an angrily romantic tune coupled with a cool synthpop instrumental. It’s a nice home mix and production that is for any DIY lover. This London based Scottish and Slovenian duo give us retro drum sounds with a unique blend of guitars and synths that enhances the vocalists performance in a complimentary way.

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