Seven Purple Tigers, Air Traffic Controller, Brett Altman, Bad Flamingo, Isak Thomas.. HAPPY HALLOWEEN

Seven Purple Tigers “Smoke Communiqué” – a band from Freiburg, Germany, Seven Purple Tigers combined digital drums with straight ahead pop rock writing. A powerful vocal performance makes for a wonderful listen as “Smoke Communiqué” crashed out of the stereo and into your heart.

Air Traffic Controller “20” is a pop rock track that hits hard in a nostalgic and introspective way. Years long gone by and maybe a touch of Sunday Scaries from my own perspective really make for a touching listen with the track “20”.

Brett Altman “Not Quite Love” is a really touching yet brooding ballad. It’s minimalism really drives home the loneliness felt in the lyrics. The track builds on itself into a cinematic and lush arrangement by the end of the listen. Brett has been making waves by showcasing at Black Bear Music Festival, he was also selected for the Hudson West Folk Festival. With his band, Brett Altman & The Locals.

“I Won’t Let You Die Young” by Bad Flamingo is the desperation of being lost in the desert with an oasis in view but not the strength to get there. This song is haunting in all the right ways!

Isak Thomas “Thicker Than Blood” this track is a roadtrip anthem! “Thicker Than Blood” is the third single off Isak Thomas upcoming album “Forever For Now”. The lyrics are the perfect quirky indie ‘makes you think’ vibe. Really love this jam and how comfortable yet rocking it is.

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