Georgia Parker, Paul Cook and The Chronicles, Ian Davies, Gold Spectacles.. HAPPY HALLOWEEN

Georgia Parker “Fuck It, He Makes Me Nervous” is a dope track because it is chaotic with its dynamic variations and all the different lush arrangement choices making brief appearances before disappearing and then reappearing. This is a fun combination of a lot of different genre. For fans of Girlhouse maybe? This song is super dope.

Paul Cook and The Chronicles “Before I Embarrass Myself” is a whimsical indie rock tune that features a soothing vocal performance and bright clean guitars with a tight bottom end. This is a roadtrip anthem that will have your heart fluttering, check out “Before I Embarrass Myself”.

Ian Davies “Stubborn” is a cute quirky track that features slightly modulating production but only so much so that it has a bit of a vinyl warmth to it. Loving the vocal arrangement with the sweet female background that really adds a lot of depth to the song. This song makes me feel safe and I think you’ll really enjoy it, check out Ian Davies “Stubborn”.

Gold Spectacles “Felines” is a dark indie pop production that contains an enchanting vocal production. It’s probably the spookiest song on the playlist which is fitting for Halloween. Gold Spectacles have made 6 previous appearances on this blog so continue to show them love and support!

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