Brother Swan, CrashMonkeys, MIKEH, King Falcon. HAPPY HALLOWEEKEND!

Brother Swan “When’s the Last Time” is such a wonderful indie track that checks all the boxes great indie songs do, its wistful, it’d be great on a roadtrip and it’s just pop enough to be easy to listen to but not so pop that it sounds manufactured! Really nice job here Brother Swan! They have a record in the works so definitely go follow them and show them some love!

CrashMonkeys “Sugar” is a rocking track with blues influence with a tempo that wants you to be out of breath by the end it really is a sugar rush of a track! This is some baddie music for skateboarding in empty pools, long hair for head banging and pure iconoclasm!

MIKEH “Kaleidoscope” is a dreamy track that is meant for those moments when you start seeing things through a different lens. This song reminds me of everything anime and manga for some reason, maybe even studio Ghibli just in how day dreamy it is. Big props to MIKEH!

King Falcon “When The Party Is Over” is one of those larger than life rock ballads that hits the darkness in your soul in a way that for me I find very motivating. This song gives me Brick + Mortar vibes but in a way is a bit more rock and roll with that sick af guitar solo in the middle of the song!

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