Dalby, Nothing but a Nightmare, Depression Baby, B. Miles and Danny Mellin for some great new tunes to get over the hump!

Dalby “creatures of the night” is a solid pop ballad that is perfectly timed for Halloween. The commercial production and compelling vocal make this a really strong track, I was just at a Sabrina Carpenter concert and I get similar vibes from Dalbys music.

Nothing but a Nightmare “Start A Fight”, solid pop punk track that gives me Commit This to Memory vibes with some excellent falsettos included in the vocal performance. If you’re in need of some high energy pop punk check out Nothing but a Nightmare “Start A Fight”.

Depression Baby “I Get so Low (Sometimes)”, is a fun guitar driven track with a unique vocal style and some slippery bass licks. The energy is cool in “I Get so Low (Sometimes)” because

B.Miles “One Trick Pony”, super mellow and introspective tune with a touch of heartache in the lyrics. I’m loving the dry drum tones and the padded reverb to really give this track a softness that brings the lyrics and the music together really nicely. The surfy guitar is also such a nice touch, “One Trick Pony” is giving me Crumb vibes, loving this tune!

Danny Mellin “Home” is a tune of nostalgia based lyrics coupled with an incredibly compelling vocal performance and driving instrumental. It’s raw and organic qualities make this a great tune for anyone tired of commercialized digital music or in other words a regressive rocker. Real nice tune here!

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