Noon Shift “Nothing Here to Prove”

Noon Shift “Nothing Here to Prove” is an anthemic rock track with one of the most compelling vocal performances I’ve heard as of late. The power in which the lyrics are performed really brings the recording to new heights accompanied with radio rock friendly thrashing drums and a catchy pop punk style riff “Nothing Here to Prove” is a fast paced head banger of a tune that’s sure to pump up your midweek!

Band biography—

Formed in 2014 after meeting in high school, Noon Shift are an Alternative Rock band from Sydney’s Western Suburbs. The current lineup consists of Nick Lowe (guitar/vocals), Will Abbott (drums) and Tchai De Amorim (bass).

“It’s an invigorating mix from Noon Shift and I can definitely hear that Foo Fighters, Fuel, Stereophonics type rock seeping in.” -Declan Bryne (Triple J)

In their final year of highschool Noon Shift released their 2018 debut EP “Fuse” to the world, featuring the track “Save Me” which to date gas gathered upwards of 180,00 streams. Since then their recorded music and live performances have caught the attention of the likes of The Harbour Agency, Live Nation and John Zucco of The Right Profile.

“I cannot fault their set, and think they have the talent, sound, and charisma to draw bigger audiences and a large (international) following” -The Music Producer

In 2021 Noon Shift released their second, self produced EP, “Worth Its Cost in Time” and subsequently went on a tour across NSW that saw sold out shows and many new eyeballs on the band. Since then the boys have been hunkering down in the garage, working on what is expected to be their debut album.”

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