ttypes, GLOSSER, Pete Muller X Melissa Soltero, The Howlers, The Maine, Kyle Lucas, Peter Greonwald

Every song on this list is amazing, it goes a blurb -> spotify link -> artist information provided by the artist / publicist. Every band on this list is independent so please pick a couple to check out ❤

73 78 HONEY – TTYPES, an enchanting track with an atmosphere that will whisk the listener into a daydream state. If you’re in the mood for something slightly psychedelic but more tender and intimate check out ttypes version of “73 78 Honey”.

^^Bio “ttypes is the solo project of Grand Rapids, Michigan songwriter Tim Krauss. The easiest label for his music would be ‘indie’, but from there it ranges from ambient instrumental, to piano pop, to rock, to electronic pop, and other styles. He draws a lot of inspiration from the books of Ursula K. LeGuin and writes political music from time to time.”

DISCO GIRLS – GLOSSER is an 80s nostalgic track with lush synth and guitar work performing haunting melodies. If you’re into the new wave throwback scene and songs that remind you of Hollywood golden days you’ll love “Disco Girls” by Glosser!

^^Bio “

In 2023, patrons of pop GLOSSER return to cast their neon glow on the world with a new album – DOWNER. Born from beyond the comfort zone, Riley Fanning and Corbin Sheehan elevate their shimmering aesthetics into a gleaming new form. 

Forged by musical intimacy of two in Washington D.C., GLOSSER has developed a pop sound that stands on the shoulders of greats. The pair (led by Fanning’s voice and mind), sought to condense their lighter-than-air sound into something worthy of the dance floor. Inspired by the likes of Phantogram, Lorde and Beach House, the new record combines worlds, creating a dreamscape injected with visceral truth. 

With one release behind them (2021’s self-titled EP), DOWNER offers a new challenge and reward – a more immediately gratifying pop experience that redefines who GLOSSER is and what they’re capable of.”

LIGHT UP THE NIGHT – PETE MULLER X MELISSA SOLTERO, is a track that is reminiscent of music by Elton John or Billy Joel with its gorgeous harmonic textures that include rich seventh chords that change key with ease. This is enhanced by the powerful use of male and female lead vocals that perform in both harmony and call and response styles throughout, real Disney vibes here.

^^ Song Bio from the artist themselves!!

If you’ve been on this planet long enough, you’ve likely experienced a dark night of the soul. Light Up the Night is about the return journey – coming back from the darkness to connect first with one’s own spirit, and then connect with others.

The song is a duet with one of my long-time Kindred Soul bandmates, Missy Soltero, and it’s a co-write with Missy and John (“Whools”) Whooley, another Kindred Soul. Missy came up with the melody and opening line “Is there anybody else looking out their window” while staring out of a high-rise in New York City during the recording of Dissolve, my last record. Whools added a bunch of funky jazz harmonies, and I did most of the lyrics.

The video was directed by our friend Lenny Bass, who also directed Let You In from the last record. We filmed it over one long day in a run-down hotel in Oxnard, CA. I hope it puts a smile on your face.”

FURTHER DOWN THE LINE – THE HOWLERS, this is most rocking track. If you’re looking for some expert guitar music to jam out to that wouldn’t be a far shot from the Firefly stage you’re in luck with “Further Down the Line” by the Howlers. Loving all this lead guitar work, bring guitar solos back!

^^^Bio “London’s Desert Rockers The Howlers have gone on to receive critical acclaim across the board for their broodingly emotive and ferocious live performances, quickly emerging as one of the UK’s must see bands, gaining support from Official Charts UK, The Independent, BBC Radio 1, BBC 6 Music, CLASH, KEXP and much more including programming on Brooklyn 99Alex RiderMatch of The Day and Soccer Am

BOX IN A HEART – THE MAINE, a classic band with a classic sound. Tried and trued and a great story arc. Hard for them to do wrong.

^^Song highlights “Following their recent radio success, The Maine released their brand new song “Box In A Heart” featuring guest vocalist Renforshort. The acoustic song showcases a change of pace for the band and follows hot on the heels of hit powerhouse single “Loved You A Little” which features Taking Back Sunday and Charlotte Sands. “Loved You A Little” reached new milestones for the band, seeing huge chart growth and breaking into the top five at alt radio. “

DON’T FALL ASLEEP – KYLE LUCAS, a soft and enchanting song with an incredible vocal performance by Kyle Lucas. If you’re looking for that heartache intimacy of youth you’ll find it here with “Don’t Fall Asleep” by Kyle Lucas.

^^Artist details “‘Don’t Fall Asleep’ marked a bold introduction to the singer-songwriter realm, highlighting the delicacy and equal passion and power of Kyle’s voice across a deeply moving arena of intimacy and longing.

Committed to the cause and writing from an unwavering love for the art form, the singer, songwriter and producer forever promises stories of truthful revelation and meaning. His childhood days were those of an introspective, thoughtful and observant youth – traits the young artist soon learned to channel into masterful songwriting and captivating, memorable performances.”

DO YOU REMEMBER – PETER GROENWALD, a cool track by an artist with the perfect balance of dynamics that you can jam out to this but not so much that it doesn’t match a chill vibe. With artwork that belongs in MoMA “Do You Remember” is a great work.

^^Song details “

“This song is a conversation about where we started. Nostalgia of being in that night, in that place that we were. Years later, still my favorite person on the planet, I wanted to know what you remembered.”- Peter to his wife

Over the past few years, Groenwald has built a vast and compelling repertoire: His music has been featured in Grey’s Anatomy, This is Us, The Tonight Show, The Today Show, Love Island, New Amsterdam, and ABC’s Nashville; he’s toured and performed with Jill Andrews, Erin McCarley, Landon Pigg, Ruston Kelly, Mindy Smith, Missy Higgins, and Natalie Hemby; he’s produced for Prateek Kuhad and Joy Oladokun. He’s also co-founded beloved Nashville acts Hush Kids and My Sister, My Brother. Now, after two decades supporting other artists, Groenwald is stepping into the limelight with the release of his stunning full-length solo debut, out in 2023. This song is from that debut.”

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