Furrows, Eastcliff, Garvie and Bad Mother Nature for new tunes Wednesday!

Furrows “Never Here”, something chill and easy. “Never Here” is a contemplative track that will lull you into a daydream state. So soothing and so listenable, great tune here!

Eastcliff “All My Life”, a driving and optimistic feel is found in “All My Life”. With a thrashing drum performance and wonderfully cinematic hits during the chorus. Eastcliff wants to hold you in his arms forever and I want this song in my ears forever. Excellent use of brass as well, nice job!

Garvie “Decisions Decisions”, a bouncy and uplifting track with a wonderfully catchy falsetto hook in the chorus. Probably the most digital track on this list “Decisions Decisions” is the kind of tune that really makes you want to get up and dance around the room with its uptempo feel.

Bad Mother Nature “Excuses” is an organically produced tune with some incredibly skillful musicians performing on it, especially the pianist really shines in this track. The songwriting feels like a buzz ballad but in a more folksy way which in this day and age is a lot more attractive from an indie perspective, maybe its the open hi-hat and crash ride performance that gives it that feel. If you’re into bluesy rock and great musicianship check out “Excuses” by Bad Mother Nature.

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