R.F. Coleman “I Couldn’t Trust”

“I Couldn’t Trust” is the debut release by R.F. Coleman and deals with substance abuse issues as a primary topic which is visible in the lyrics with lines like “it was you-o-o I couldn’t trust” and through the substance use in the accompanying music video. The vibe is easy to get lost in though with the funky bassline and psychedelic harmonies that could be compared to anyone from the Beatles to Tame Impala. The rising harmonic qualities during the chorus makes “I Couldn’t trust” super infectious. Halfway through there is some sick call and response reversed guitar lines to compliment the vocals. Also in love with the fighting against the self depicted. Also R.F. Coleman is ripped.

“I Couldn’t Trust” is the debut release from R. F. Coleman. Co-written by Joshua Moriarty (of Miami Horror and Telenova) and co-produced by Scott Horscroft (who produced Silverchair, DMA’s, Empire of the Sun, The Presets and more!).

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