Fives Day Work Week, Five Songs

***Cover image Kieran Kriss “Like We Know”

“All Blue” by Farrow and the Peach Leaves is a good organic track and the first single off an upcoming album! What really drew me in as a listener was the slide electric guitar that compliments the harmony so smoothly. If you like your rock a little southern this track is definitely for you!

“Like We Know” by Kieran Kriss is a charming lofi indie track that doesn’t want to move its feet, the slow pace and the organic charm of the production reminds me of early My Morning Jacket on a lazy Sunday morning. If its rainy where you are this track is a good one for a quiet day.

If you’re a sucker for those slightly modulated guitars and a really compelling vocal performance than “Feels Right” by Castle is a song that will really hit home for you. “Life is way to short to worry about what others think, happiness is following what “Feels Right” and being yourself. Lyrics from the song: “If it feels right, its alright, be yourself don’t ever wear the disguise” <- artist quote! CASTLE is an Indie solo artist from Nashville TN.

“Back 2 U” is the only dance track on this week, it is influenced heavily by house music and fits nicely between Still Woozy and Miike Snow. The vocals are really well produced and the arpeggiated synth work is enchanting! The artist name Posh Chocolates is really on brand with the sound.

“Sticks & Stones” by Gideon Carmel and Alberta Cross is a charming lofi track that sounds like the end of a long night drive. The muffled vocals make you believe you yourself are tired when you’re listening to the track and its a really great ambience for a rainy day!

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