Michael Barrow & The Tourists “Y.O.U.”

“Y.O.U.” is the type of song that will grab listeners from the first note. Opening with a super catchy guitar riff and toe-tapping percussion, this song only gets better as it progresses. The vocals are charming and lively, and speak to the spontaneity associated with being young, free, and in love with the endless possibilities life has to offer. As a jazzy backing piano comes in, the song starts to pick up with a bit more energy and small details like a messenger ping and electronic tones that just make listening fun. By the time you reach the guitar solo, you’ll be lost in the upbeat tune and capturing lyrics. We get a concise storyline in this song that is bursting with the warm, fuzzy feeling of seeing someone you love after being apart for too long, or phone calls with someone special where you lose track of all time, or finding a love note that makes your heart burst and jumping around your room screaming the lyrics to your favorite love song. Well, after you hear this release, you’ll be singing along to “Y.O.U.” on repeat.

Michael Barrow has managed to capture the perfect summer-time vibe with this song, and you’ll be happy you added it to any playlist meant for bringing up the energy and good feelings.


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