The Satellite Station “Chain Reaction”

From the first note, “Chain Reaction” is a compellingly emotional song that pulls at the heart strings. With a beautifully rhythmic piano melody and raw vocals that rise and drop with intensity, this is the type of song you’d put on in the rain to feel like the main character in a movie. In fact, this is the exact type of song you’d find at the heart-breaking climax of conflict in a driving and impassioned romance film. When the lead actor is wrenched with regret and heartbreak, on the verge of losing hope, before being filled with a driving, melancholic optimism to work through the bad and find something worth hanging on to. The Satellite Station manages to find the perfect balance between despair and the urge to keep fighting, while also keeping a beat that makes this an easy song to get lost in.

If you’re looking for some grounding and passionate vibes this summer, then you’ll definitely want to add “Chain Reaction” by The Satellite Station to your playlist. Whether driving on a dusky evening, sitting by a window wistfully, or simply needing something emotional and easy to listen to; this is the song you’ll want.

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