Michael Barrow & The Tourists “Show Me Your Love”

Starting off with an energetic and driving bass drum repetition, “Show Me Your Love” wastes no time grabbing listeners’ attention. There’s a raw emotion in both the vocals and the instrumental that carries an intensity throughout the song. This is the emotion you’d find in the classic Footloose scene, where the main character is fighting an internal battle that makes you want to scream and dance all at once. The lyrics are obviously torn, which makes aspects like the uplifting backing piano and the receding bridge that sets the stage for a passionately energetic finale both contradictory and flawless. Picturing the high energy that a live performance of this song could utilize makes me ecstatic that venues are finally opening up again. If Michael Barrow brings half the spirit on stage as he did in this recording, it’ll be a can’t-miss type of show.

If you’re looking for a tune to jam out to this summer, check out “Show Me Your Love” below!


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