Mr. Husband “Wonderwall”

Organic and slow  rising is Mr. Husbands “Wonderwall”. The tune features dreamy elements you might’ve heard in releases like Morning Phase, especially given the vocalists timbre. The production itself is a lot cooler mid-heavy music you’d overhear at famous record stores like Bull Moose. The lyrics in “Wonderwall” are pensive and lonely which is timeless but also fitting for today. If you’re in the mood for a slow rise this Monday morning you might try “Wonderwall” by Mr. Husband. I think what really drew was the modal interchange.



Wonderwall is distinctly not an Oasis cover. This moody groover was recorded on 1970’s Tascam 388 tape machine which gives it a certain space and depth which hopefully carries the very sparse moments in the verses. The dynamics are big and the chord changes are also big. It’s long and slow for a single but we hope you will stick around for the chorus before you decide. Either way stay safe out there!

This is the third and final single from the upcoming album “Songs of Friendship, Songs of Wonderment” out 4/20 on Vinyl and digital via Yellow K.

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