Grand Alpaca “Holding You Back”

Grand Alpaca “Holding You Back” features dreamy contemporary lo-fi beat vibes combined with pop vocal sensibility. The vocalists timbre is comparative to Coldplays Chris Martin. It a lovely sentimental song that will have you feeling romantic and conservatively exuberant no matter what else might be going on. Check out “Holding You Back” by Grand Alpaca below.

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Combining his honest to bone lyrics and voice with his dreamy guitars , Holding You Back pulls you right into a musical universe thats hard to resist.

The song was recorded in Oslo, Norway, and this time he was joined by Kenneth Ishak (Beezewax, Heyerdahl) on drums and Per Ivar Stubberud (The Goo Men, The Little Hands Of Asphalt) on bass.

Holding You Back is mastered by Oli Morgan at Abbey Road Studios and Deformat made the artwork out of a picture taken by Grand Alpaca himself.


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