Early Humans “Tentacles”

Jangly and aggressive strummed guitars turn into an uplifting angsty track by Early Humans. The production is so perfect and pop rocky with the vocal harmonies layered in a way that is familiar and brings “Tentacles” to new heights. The dynamics rise and fall in all the right places. Reminiscent of acts like SR-71 and other great songwriting groups Early Humans really shines through in a power pop way that keeps me hanging onto every word. Really looking to hear more from this Nashville group!


“Early Humans’ new single “Tentacles” is just another song about lost love on first listen. The real story behind the song, however, is much more complicated. “Tentacles” attempts to paint the picture of longing, feeling constant guilt, and slowly coming undone–all symptoms of being pulled into an alluring but destructive relationship.”


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