Local Nomad “Gates”

It’s a modern pop rock meets singer songwriter production with layers of vocals and punchy compressed drums that is reminiscent for times gone by.  “Gates” is used as a metaphor for getting over addictions and it rings home for me as well as probably lots of others who know people going through addiction. Knowing Local Nomad has gone through this and the way they supported their friend was to write music with them is so inspiring and compelling it really makes you want to celebrate yourself. It’s an interesting song that ties into the current climate and it really makes you feel less alone. Check out “Gates” by Local Nomad for your new favorite pop rock song!

quote from the artist Local Nomad;

“I wrote “Gates” about trying to get through the age of 28 and helping my friend battle Xanax withdrawals.

At the time I was gigging 6 nights a week, working a 9 to 5 and driving to New Jersey every weekend to write music with and support this friend. One day while in a session I was given an ultimatum that I could either go buy a bottle of jack to keep the recording going or we would stop working on music for the weekend. We bounced out the track & took a ride to the liquor store. As we pulled out of the driveway I noticed the number of my friends house was 28… the street sign was “Gates”. On our way to the liquor store I wrote the first verse and top line in my car. “No one knows you like I know you “

That drive fused the chorus and verse lyrics together. A song that sounded romantic became an anthem of friendship. Ultimately this song is about trying to help someone out of a dark place and the different hurdles we need to  jump to overcome hardship.”

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