Air Quotes “On and On and On”

It’s a dreamy organic track that drifts the listener through lyrics involving an experience with toxic relationships, “On and On and On” is a darker taste of the artist Air Quotes. Things I’ve always loved about Air Quotes is their ability to come up with pieces that are unique but also very familiar, for example plenty of bands out their get the guitars, bass and drums right but are keen to stay in that lane while Air Quotes could be placed on a similar stage but is eager to keep the sonic qualities unique with vibraphones, strings, flutes, etc. in their compositions. If you’re looking for something more out of your music try giving Air Quotes latest track “On and On and On” a spin!

from the artist;

“Featuring solo vibraphone, marimba, and flute, On and On and On tells the story of a toxic relationship and how difficult it can be to escape them.”


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