Paco Versailles “Black and White”

“Black and White” by Paco Versailles sounds like something you’d get if a yacht rock band wrote songs for Becks Hyperdrive. It’s a groovy house beat with an indie pop vibe. What really drew me on this was the constant layers of wind instruments as well as Spanish guitar coming in and the easy to follow and catchy melody. There is so much to enjoy about this and it’s a great distraction from the current climate, check out “Black and White” by Paco Versailles below!


Charming duo Paco Versailles get ready to share their new single “Black and White,” coming out next week. Paco Versailles, led by Vahagni and Ryan Merchant (of Capital Cities), spent 2019 creating and establishing their original sound – an elegant blend of Flamenco, Dance and Pop music. Produced with intelligent yet witty craftsmanship, the luminous duo have coined the genre Dancemenco.

New single “Black and White” opens with a unique Bossa Nova feel and clever lyricism. Merchant sings, “straight out of the womb like a ballon,” to introduce a journey covering a lifespan from birth until death. As the piece progresses, musical detours accompany the narrative. Echoes of Andalusia can be heard within its instrumental interludes and chorus, while a Parisian French Touch provides the foundation that carries the story.

Paco Versailles’ sonic language, Dancemenco, is a reflection of Vahagni’s mastery and knowledge of Flamenco guitar and compostion paired with Ryan’s singular voice as a songwriter and vocalist. The new genre comes to life in a powerful live show that mixes electronic elements, live musicianship and traditional Flamenco dancing.

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