New Music Friday, 10 picks!

Lewys – “Y Cyffro” – Facebook

Lewys “Y Cyffro” is the exact boost of energy you need to get off to a rocking Friday. With cool indie rock, borderline hard rock riffs, this bluesy and fun rock track contains a natural and familiar instrumentation. The dynamics rise and fall in the right places and the groove is infectious with a bit of swing and syncopation to it. The mix is tight and just the right amount of compression. Definitely a rocking start to Friday with Lewys “Y Cyffro”.

Rowan – “Big Wave” – Facebook

All the fun comes crashing in with Rowan “Big Wave”. It’s a tubular time with a cool conversation tone to the verses and a mid 00’s indie rock Strokes vibe to the harmony. If you’re into rocking out but also into the oncoming summer “Big Wave” is sure to get your Friday off on the right foot!

Aaron B. Thompson – “Sunrise” – Facebook

Meditative and introspective is a bit more somber of a tune with Aaron B. Thompsons “Sunrise”. The black and white video looks like something every art school student is aspiring to capture the emotion of. A lone silhouetted figure interpretively dances to the slowly swelling dynamics. If you’re into something really artsy and kind of Williamsburg with less edge than you might be into Aaron B. Thompson “Sunrise” out today!

Tia Gostelow – “Rush” – Facebook

I’m in a mood to go out dancing and drinking and Tia Gostelow “Rush” has only taken me deeper. It’s got heavy 80’s influence and the dynamics rise and fall in all the right places. The heavily synth driven track is retro and distinctive and is definitely worth a spin, out today!

For fans of the indie rock bands Pronoun as the vocalists share similarly awesome vocal timbres!

I, The Mountain – “Little Wild” – Facebook

Oh baby, slapped bass is a bit ominous in “Little Wild” by I, The Mountain. This is a down and dirty groove that, through the band name, conjures imagery of little mountain towns and good times but production wise comes off a bit Oasis as well. It’s a hot track that features layers of vocals and is easily enjoyable with the drums pacing changing up often to keep the listeners engaged start to finish. I might even be hearing a little Beach Boys if they were a bit more rock and roll. Definitely a wide range of enjoyable influence on “Little Wild”, out today!

Rhys Tivey – “design” –

A more organic sounding song “design” by Rhys Tivey starts off on a different foot with a vocal and horn arrangement. It’s a lovely piece that is a bit all over the place with its clever work of synthesized sounds to add an interesting and subtle layer that compliments the natural sounds well. “design” is for those who want a little more out of their music, the quote by my college professor Marti Epstein “art elevates my existence, entertainment meets me where I am” seems fitting. Check out “design” by Rhys Tivey below!

Future Ghost – “Thoughts and Prayers” – Facebook / Instagram

It’s a dark and interesting piece that combines layers of vocals and descending harmonic lines into something that combines ethereal and darkness in an intriguing way. Everything seems to be fitting this band in style, they seem like they’d be a smash around the Halloween time. Check out “Thoughts and Prayers” by Future Ghost below. Another really artistic groove on todays list, props to Future Ghost.

Mr. Hymn – “Saturday Is Gone” – Facebook

Stoner rock Mr. Hymn “Saturday Is Gone” is a peaceful yet brooding track that combines everything hip and nostalgic. The video is home video quality which feeds into the aesthetic they’re chasing. It’s a tried and true sound and it’s definitely something I’m going to walk through Manhattan to on my way back to Brooklyn later. Check out “Saturday Is Gone” by Mr. Hymn below!

Fox Royale – “Don’t Call Me When You’re Lonely” –

It’s a fun stiff little middle finger to an ex, “Don’t Call Me When You’re Lonely” by Fox Royale. The lyrics bounce between a lover that lacks fidelity and also passing out. It’s got layers of vocals that are groovy and fun and its loud af. The influences I think I can pinpoint are Edward Sharpe and Grouplove but would be open to reading suggestions in the comments. “Don’t Call Me When You’re Lonely” is out on Spotify as of today and it’s a hot new track by Fox Royale so check it out below!

Drens – “A Very Sunny Day” – Instagram

Drens “A Very Sunny Day” is a cool piece of work that harkens sounds of 2010s King of the Beach. It’s a timeless and angsty sound for skater and surfer kids to thrash to in the after hours. “A Very Sunny Day” reminds me of everything Williamsburg Brooklyn in it’s edge and carefreeness. Really digging this work by Drens, if you’re into headbanging definitely give this one a spin!

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