New Music Friday, 10 picks!



French Alps Tiger – “Floor Is Lava” – Facebook / Instagram

Alarm bells going off into the tense guitar chaos in “Floor Is Lava” by French Alps Tiger. I was drawn into the “Floor Is Lava” because of the humorous and childlike relatable title and then when the energy was there and the guitar production had distortion and edge similar to acts like FIDLAR and Wavves I was totally in! If you’re in a head banging mood check out French Alps Tiger “Floor Is Lava” below!


Black Casino and the Ghost – “Bag of Bones” –

Ominous underwater MTA train is the first impression of a dark and energetic experimental rock track that features instrumentation not always found. To me “Bag of Bones” sounds as if the Dead Weather and Chicago had a love child who was angry at both of their parents. “Bag of Bones” is heavy and infectious and a bit tripped out like an acid trip.  Check it out below, the horn lines are sick and the screams are epic.

Subshine – “Over the Moon” – Facebook / Instagram

A brooding and introspective track that features lyrics of isolation and self exploration. “Over the Moon” by Subshine features 80s nostalgic production with punchy 808s and crunchy guitars. The hook itself features lovely angelic falsettos and a percussion hook that will pull in any listener. If you’re out on the town alone later you might check out “Over the Moon” by Subshine for some company.

Yusuf Sahilli – “In the City” – Facebook / Instagram

Edgy comic video greets Yusuf Sahilli “In the City” as the layers of vocal harmonies tell the narrative of a life so many people live. I’m very familiar with this lifestyle moving out of a more rural area to NYC to pursue a career in music. “In the City” captures the timeline perfectly and it’s not all bad either. For the most part the character in the video looks happy and it’s a slightly uplifting take on what can sometimes be a story of a mundane grind. The music has a familiar instrumentation and overall it’s a solid time watching this. Highly suggest this for all my other yuppie friends, check out the video below!

Usagi Is Dead – “Grey Raincoat” – Facebook

Psychedelic and dark “Grey Raincoat” by Usagi Is Dead is a journey through introspective and political discourse. Inspired by Orwells 1984 the beat carries on as the proletariat become conscious. Things are dim in America right now with the current leader of the free world consolidating power and the status quo Democrats trying to stop the progressive movement. Lots of parallels can be drawn and props to Usagi Is Dead for carrying a torch for those who can’t. Check out “Grey Raincoat” below.

midori jaeger – “Sea of Strangers” – Instagram

If jazzy and R&B influence crooning is what you’re into you might be into the two tracks by midori jaeger below. Both combine elements of various stylings into a complex yet enjoyable listening experience. Overall the vocals and performance by the band displays a certain level of understanding that might not be found in other artists on this list that focuses on taking artistic risks and being outside left of center. I could describe both “Sea of Strangers” and “Forest” as whimsical, dreamy and organic. It reminds me of the few quiet bars in Manhattan or Brooklyn that I’ve experience in my time in NYC. Definitely check out these if you’re looking for something a little more in your music.

Little Brother Eli – “Giving Up” – Facebook / Instagram

Groovy and fun contemporary pop production, “Giving Up” by Little Brother Eli features heavy R&B and funk influence.  It’s uplifting and definitely sounds like Little Brother Eli is down to boogie with this awesome new tune despite the lyrics about “putting you down and giving you up”, cute juxtaposition. Really digging this and if you’re in the mood to shake ya booty give “Giving Up” by Little Brother Eli a try.

Probably Oslo – “Little By Little” –

It’s a good time organic production that features electric guitars, bass and drums like a very familiar pop rock track. The vocals tell a story of heartbreak and recovery. It’s definitely got a home and something I really enjoy is the spacing in the vocals especially during the chorus allowing the listeners ears to breathe and take in the band jamming. The artwork is fitting and overall this is just a really solid release by Probably Oslo, check it out on Soundcloud below!

Ned Moss – “The End of the Play” –

Proficient finger picking and a crooning vocal performance by Ned Moss weaves its way through the lyrics in “The End of the Play”. If you’re planning on staying home tonight or doing something a little more quiet then “The End of the Play” is a great choice as it builds on itself with skillful lead licks and beautiful lush harmonies, however with the absence of drums and bass it maintains a very chill vibe that I found endearing. Check it out below!

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