New Music Friday!

It’s the most wonderful day when artists around the world collectively release their hottest new works. Check out some of our picks from today and the past week below!


Ignore The Elephant – “Heartbeat” – Facebook

A calm before the storm type approach with the soft four on the floor and pad synths accompanying the layered vocals. “Heartbeat” by Ignore The Elephant switches it up nicely playing with the vocals by putting them through a filter while the instrumentals push more to the forefront and then it explodes. Definitely a solid producer on this track and it’s a sweet sentimental love song. Really good vibes going into the weekend with this one! “Marry you in a heartbeat” is a standout lyric.


Ignore The Elephant is an indie pop quintet that has been performing in Gothenburg’s underground scene since 2014. The band are now back with the vibrating single Heartbeat together with a short film starring the Swedish actress Andrea Edwards. You can watch the video here.

Frank Moyo – “Friend of Mine” – Facebook

Acoustic guitars accompany a very attractive vocal timbre that has just the right amount of rasp to it. “Friend of Mine” by Frank Moyo starts off slowly but when the whole band joins in it really is something wonderful. My heart aches through the minor chords but is lifted higher by the beat. Frank Moyo really does something great with “Friend of Mine”.


Frank Moyo is a slow player in a fast world. The Canadian-Italian singer, songwriter and guitarist serenades like a busking bard of the 21st century. His Waves EP and singles “OK Dolce” and “West End” have already cultivated a reputation for Moyo in his hometown. But describing the singer as a suave, smooth and sultry voice with soft hands on the strings is too simple. Discussing feeling with the artist is more candid. “I want people to be able to imagine they are on a beach in Italy when listening to my music,” he says. But while one track might take you to the beach, “another may take you into a car going 180 miles per hour.”

Límon Límon – “Normal Now” – Facebook

It feels like it’s straight out of the 80’s. It reminds me of drunken nights at Hollywood clubs. Límon Límon channels their inner Michael Jacskson with their jam “Normal Now”. It’s groovy programmed drums and synth work really makes it a standout track.

LU KALA – “Body Knew” – Facebook

The vocal production is really something special and stays right in that contemporary pop lane. This reminds me of the music we’d listen to during pitch meetings at my internships at major independent publishers in Los Angeles.  It’s so groovy and fun which is good juxtaposition to the lyrics. I can see this one being really fun at the club.


Pop powerhouse LU KALA joins the Village and is gifting us with her spirited new single “Body Knew.” The Toronto-based songstress continues to pave the way for female empowerment and bold, in-your-face pop with her norm-defying look and sound.

With a distinct voice that elevates your mood upon first listen, LU KALA’s unique gift is not just her vivacious sound but her rebellious cause. While donning fiery orange hair to match her personality, LU KALA is redefining what it means to be a pop star. But much like everyone else, she suffers from the heartbreak of someone moving on. In “Body Knew” KALA breaks down her walls as she wishes aloud that she could move on.

Jenny Banai – “Couch Walker” – Facebook

“Couch Walker” by Jenny Banai is a sentimental tune that has a darkness to it that is haunting. What initially drew me in was the cool chord choices and the animated vocal performance, you can hear what I mean at 1:15. Overall it’s minimalistic in instrumentation which meant the band really had to nail their parts. I think “Couch Walker” deserves your attention, maybe an early evening jam or Saturday morning type of mood.


Jenny Banai is an old soul and a child of the nineties, and as such, has inherited both the contemplative wonder and the wardrobe of her parents. She is a fresh and authentic voice who pairs powerhouse vocal abilities with unique and clever pop arrangements and whose live show commands attention. Often garnering comparison to vocalists such as Feist and Jeff Buckley, Jenny Banai’s creative influences range from Andy Shauf to Patrick Watson to The Cranberries. Armed with classical training on both voice and violin, Jenny performs live on electric guitar and brings a unique vision to the creation of powerful progressive pop music.

Grizzly Coast – “Forever” – Facebook

Grizzly Coast “Forever” is accompanied by a hip and modern styled music video although the outfit choices are a bit high brow and conservative. “Forever” brings some glass to the table and I found the lyrics are conservatively sexual in a lovely way. What really drew me in to this in the first place was the vocal performance and I stuck around for the show. This could be for fans of Courtney Barnett or Kurt Vile. It’s hip and it’s here, check out “Forever” by Grizzly Coast below.


From the imaginative, yet highly-analytical mind of Alannah Kavanagh comes Grizzly Coast, the Toronto-based indie rock project with heavy-hitting instrumentation that tears up the stage and heavy-lifting lyrical narratives that compel you to think deeper.

Margot and the Toothless Hags – “Hercules” – Facebook

The band is rocking and building in momentum and the lead vocalist has a sweet voice that will enchant the listener in “Hercules” by Margot and the Toothless Hags. If indeed the band is a group of Toothless Hags they definitely can play a pretty jam. “Hercules” gets me nostalgic for groups like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs or Company of Thieves. The bridge takes a dark turn and sounds like something you’d hear main stage at Warped Tour which is a nice breath from the otherwise happy sounding tune, I think the bridge vocals are my favorite part of the whole tune. “Hercules” starts conservative but ends epically, check it out below!


The subject of mental health is something near to my heart and something that I’ve also battled. This song was born in a time when I was living with depression and found an escape on my Hercules bicycle. I would often bike for hours at a time, listening to some of my favorite punk bands or folk songs. I didn’t want to tell my story through this song but give a soundscape and an overall idea of that experience.  The driving beat of the drums is reminiscent of the pedals on the bicycle and a driving agitation.


Laveda – “Ghost” – Facebook

Heavy tones and haunting vocals from Laveda with “Ghost”. I’m a big fan of the epic proportions of the reverb wet dream in this production. It hits hard and has a set of introspective lyrics. Underneath all the heavy bass are some seriously cool guitar licks. Check out “Ghost” by Laveda below. Quote from the artist

“The idea for the words for “Ghost” came one night when Ali and Jake were flushing out vocal melodies. “The lyrics are based on a real-life experience I had when I was about 13 or 14,” recalls Ali. “I was at a close friend’s house for a sleepover and her mom had a seizure. It was definitely a little traumatic. I can pretty much remember the sequence of events and everything that happened like it was only last week.”


Borrowed Sparks – “The Prettiest One” – Facebook

Probably the most organic leaning one on the list today Borrowed Sparks “The Prettiest One” is a heartache romance tune about feeling love for the first time, or maybe it’s about last call at a bar? Everything is well produced and the band moves as a unit through the soft dynamic passages. To me the lyrics are great for the cliché misery loves company. Borrowed Sparks has a really solid Nashville sound on this one. Generally speaking we focus on indie rock but I think fans of country might really enjoy this tune.

Check out “The Prettiest One” by Borrowed Sparks below.

Suzie Chism – “Talkers” – Facebook

From left of center vocal rhythmic choices and modulating synths “Talkers” by Suzie Chism is a great track. A standout line for me was “have I already said too much, that seems to be my signature touch”. Not sure if she’s singing about dating in NYC but I think everyone will be able to relate to that. The song builds to a capacity with the instruments swelling in dynamics and Suzie Chism singing about how she’ll only be in town for three days and just like that it’s over, wrapped up nicely in a three and a half minute pop song and tied up with a bow. Check out “Talkers” by Suzie Chism below.

Adam Brookes – “Piece of Mind” – Facebook

Nostalgic for 80’s programmed drums and groovy like you want to dance on a Friday night and forget about your troubles. “Piece of Mind” is a bouncy fun tune counter to its lyrics about searching for peace of mind. Adam Brookes conservatively sings in a brooding tune that helps convey the emotion behind the lyrics. If you’re feeling a big change going into the next month try checking out “Piece of Mind” by Adam Brookes.

FYONHA – “Pity Love” –

The lyric video for FYONHA “Pity Love” is a groovy tune. The lyrics are a cute juxtaposition to the bouncy fun instrumental track. What drew me in initially to was the music video which I can see playing at any one of the labels/publishing companies I’ve interned or worked at on the big screen televisions they all have in the lobby. It’s a groovy track that is definitely worthy of your attention, check out “Pity Love” below.

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