Yusuf Sahilli – “In the City”

Yusuf Sahilli – “In the City” – Facebook / Instagram

Edgy comic video greets Yusuf Sahilli “In the City” as the layers of vocal harmonies tell the narrative of a life so many people live. I’m very familiar with this lifestyle moving out of a more rural area to NYC to pursue a career in music. “In the City” captures the timeline perfectly and it’s not all bad either. For the most part the character in the video looks happy and it’s a slightly uplifting take on what can sometimes be a story of a mundane grind. The music has a familiar instrumentation and overall it’s a solid time watching this. Highly suggest this for all my other yuppie friends, check out the video below!

It makes fun of music videos where artists try to show off their wealth with scenes like women in a pool being showered with money,” says Yusuf on the video for ‘In The City. “The song criticises the bank system that offers loans to people but also shows a society in a hamster wheel working from 9-5, never able to pay off their interest rates. We never see the horizon or the big picture in the city. Everything’s fast and volatile. Too much noise. With light pollution now we can’t see the stars anymore. For centuries the saying “looking at the stars” was standing for hope. Especially in Berlin, there are so many contrasts. People try to live healthier lives, there are so many yoga clubs opening up, sometimes several in the same street. At the same time we’re seeing more and more pubs and fast food outlets. We live healthily and then we reward ourselves with junk food, cigarettes and alcohol.“

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