Alex2e – “You’re One of Us” –

Alex2e – “You’re One of Us” –

A song about loss and finding yourself while growing up Alex2e debuts “You’re One of Us”. It’s a bit melancholic and heavy topics, the singer dreams about growing up in style. “You’re One of Us” hits right in the feels on a Friday. This song may hit a bit hard if you’ve recently suffered a loss but that’s the point of the music, right? “You’re One of Us” brings a highly emotional tint to the weekend.


‘You’re One of Us’ is a song about nostalgia, growing up and making time for the people who matter most – especially when life starts to get in the way. It’s about getting older and watching your friends become the people they always wanted to be. It’s about being happy for where you’ve been and where you’re going – while knowing the bonds you have with your people will always be there. YOOU blends Alt-Pop and Singer-Songwriter genres, while delivering introspective storytelling, in a beat driven track.

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