New Music Friday!

Check out our new playlist for some great new music out today and this past week!!


Zard – “Expensive” –

Chill hop influence meets alternative music, for fans of Odie or Still Woozy. Big fan of this new track from Zard “Expensive”. It speaks to romance and consumerism and this thing most of my early twenties urban dwelling friends are going through which is breaking the bank on a girl while they’re still on an entry level salary, granted some of them are in tech so it’s a bit easier for them. Chill groovy sensual music that you should definitely jam to after hitting the bong. Big fan of this style! Check out Zard “Expensive” below!


Zard is an artist and producer located in Tucson, Arizona

Inspired by the likes of Video Age, Paul Cherry, Mac Demarco, Tyler The Creator, Clario, & Triathlon. Zard creates a unique blend of Hip Hop influence, with indie dream pop aesthetic. Lyrical cross rhythms bob and weaves through sonically rich landscapes to give his music a unique flavor.

Trying to find love in the modern age amidst inescapable internet culture. Zard gives new light on old themes of love, loss, and missed connections.

Shade – “Drive Me Wild” – Facebook / Instagram

Somber rhythmically and drawing inspiration from acts like Oasis but also Superheaven, “Drive Me Wild” is a song that encompasses all the emotions between sensual and melancholic. The video is grungy and artistic and the song is really making nostalgic for relationships come and gone. This kind of music deserves a big stage in a theater for how vast and wet the sonic qualities are. Great production, find “Drive Me Wild” by Shade below.


Shade’s shadowy and razor-sharp six-string raucousness is an all-consuming beast, bruising with a dark and doomy swagger one moment, and pushing skywards with hazy, transcendental trips the next. Hailing from Hamilton, ON the band takes the most vital parts of the music they grew up on—Brit rock’s ambitious sneer, neo-psychedelia’s mind-melting hooks, and grunge’s punk-infused heaviness—and turbocharges them, building an assault of sound that can shake the foundations of a stadium just as readily as it razes a grimy dive bar. It pulls from the storied halls of rock ‘n’ roll Valhalla while injecting a much-needed dose of 21st-century verve, like a Frankenstein’s monster stitched together by wild riffs, fists-raised riots, and evil energy.

Strandels – “Breathe It In” – Facebook / Instagram

Groovy and chill hip-hop beats welcome a bass and bright acoustic guitar spinning around melodically in a circular motion. Joined by lead vocalists crooning introspective lyrics. To me “Breathe It In” is about to coming to terms with your life and finding yourself while also maintaining growing up. It’s a cool easy to listen to yet very emotional piece. Check out “Breathe It In” by Strandels below!


Strandels have come to represent a fresh and organic take on the Swedish pop world. Comprised of siblings Tova and Sixten Strandell, the duo has quickly forged a musical agenda inspired by musical authenticity and the empowerment of traditional pop hallmarks. Uninspired by the buzz sounds of their generation, their mantra that a strong voice and a timeless melody can inspire for centuries continues to stand at the forefront of the Strandels sound.

Jess Chalker – “Secrets” –

An upbeat jolt to your Friday is “Secrets” by Jess Chalker. It’s dripping with reverb and nostalgia for Hollywood in the eighties. The lyrics are about a youthful yearning for true love and the ability to open up to someone without fear. “Secrets” spans a dynamic range with hooks that will catch you between sections while having a driving rhythm that will get your toe tapping instantly! Check out “Secrets” by Jess Chalker below!!


Jess Chalker (formerly known as we are the brave) is an artist and musician from Sydney, Australia, now based in London. Her previous releases have gained praise from outlets like MTV Iggy, and Indie Shuffle, with her powerhouse vocals/songwriting evoking artists like MSMR, Haim, Annie Lennox, Niki & The Dove, Kate Bush and Jessie Ware. Jess was recently listed by HumanHuman as one of its most promising artists, and even won the title of ‘grammy-winning songwriter’ in 2018 for co-writing the lead single for a children’s project.

Jess’ recent single, the ’80s-inspired Dance in the Rain rose to the top of the Hype Machine charts in September, reaching number 3. She now follows with the glossy and ’80s-influenced Secrets.

Modern Adventures – “Under the Weather” – Facebook / Instagram

Modern Adventures brings an intense indie energy level with “Under the Weather”. The vocalist gives their all while singing a tale of love turned sour. It’s a guitar driven organic sounding rock production while also maintaining a contemporary production level with the compression and triggered/produced drum sounds. It’s loud and angsty but major so it’s easily digestible. If you’re going into the weekend in a bit of a bad mood it’s worth checking out “Under the Weather” by Modern Adventures, see below!

Indie Alternative Rock from Southwest Michigan.

Alex2e – “You’re One of Us” –

A song about loss and finding yourself while growing up Alex2e debuts “You’re One of Us”. It’s a bit melancholic and heavy topics, the singer dreams about growing up in style. “You’re One of Us” hits right in the feels on a Friday. This song may hit a bit hard if you’ve recently suffered a loss but that’s the point of the music, right? “You’re One of Us” brings a highly emotional tint to the weekend.


‘You’re One of Us’ is a song about nostalgia, growing up and making time for the people who matter most – especially when life starts to get in the way. It’s about getting older and watching your friends become the people they always wanted to be. It’s about being happy for where you’ve been and where you’re going – while knowing the bonds you have with your people will always be there. YOOU blends Alt-Pop and Singer-Songwriter genres, while delivering introspective storytelling, in a beat driven track.

Eva Cassel – “Untouchable” – Instagram

Eva Cassel is back with “Untouchable”, featuring a very tense distorted guitar intro. Featuring a blend of an eclectic styles of music this doesn’t really fit into any specific genre. It takes a lot of guts to come up with something so genre fluid. I can see myself really enjoying this in a live setting. “Untouchable” lyrics touch on the difficulty of going in and out of relationships without feeling like you’re emotionally not able to recover before the cycle repeats. It could be a tough track for someone who’s going through a period of loss in relationship or also for substance abuse.


California Bay Area native Eva Cassel is bringing coastal vibes down south to Nashville, TN after graduating from Berklee College of Music in 2017. With a resilient punk San Francisco edge, her eclectic musical style combines the indie energy of Elliot Smith, the pristine vocal melodicism of Joni Mitchell and a dash of Amy Winehouse attitude. A self-proclaimed word nerd, Cassel’s poignant lyrics reflect her love of language and fascination with the human condition.

Slumberjack – “Tired, open & wild” –

Groovy indie rock featuring a generally more aggressive vocalist than I’m used to featuring is a breath of fresh air for me. “Tired, open & wild” by Slumberjack really captures lots of wild and free energy. Featuring math rock influences and an array of guitar performance styles Slumberjack is for anyone who likes a little bit more in their guitar rock. Slumberjack could be for fans of Built to Spill. Check out “Tired, open & wild” below. The story arc they pack into a 3:40 long song is something admirable.

Winter – “Say” –

Organic drum sounds meets tripped out otherworldly synthesizer work, a dreamy female vocal line that has a small amount of modulation and delay on it builds into a lovely psychedelic tune. “Say” by Winter is a dreamy sonic work and is transportive in its production. Aesthetic wise this reminds me of late nights in college style decorated apartments for artistic students. “Say” also has a sensual nature that I’m a big fan of. Check out Winters newest track “Say” below!

Radnor & Lee – “Outside In” – Facebook / Instagram

It’s an introspective folk masterpiece, “Outside In” by Radnor & Lee tells the tale of a life lived without risks and how through finding oneself you can find the courage to take that risk you’ve always wanted to. The harmonies drew me in initially on “Outside In” but when I really dug deeper into the lyrics I started to fall in love with how the tune made me think about my own life choices. There’s something magical about what two voices and guitars can create, to experience that magic check out “Outside In” by Radnor & Lee.


The music of Ben Lee has taken a decidedly more spiritual turn over the past decade. Whether this path developed from his finding solace in a deeper devotion to his wife and family or from the world we live in becoming increasingly volatile, Lee has chosen to use his music as a divining rod for inner peace. The Jewish-born, Hindu musician has not shied away from exploring spirituality or religion, an area that many musicians fear to tread.

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