New Music Tuesday after the long weekend

Timothy – “Home” – Facebook

“Home” by Timothy is a dark and enchanting song that is soaked with reverb and uses organic sonic qualities mixed with delay to create the dreamy vibes. If you’re feeling existential after the weekend definitely try giving “Home” a spin.


“A melancholic song travelling through a landscape of classicism, the modern age and haunted vocals. Telling a story of one longing for home and the emptiness that can occur of moving away from that. I wrote this song whilst moving away from my hometown and also moving to a new country. Meeting new people and hearing their stories made me inspired to write about their life and also reflect on my own.”

Anji – “Sunshine & Rainbows” – Facebook

If you need a pick me up after the long weekend try “Sunshine & Rainbows” by Anji. The upbeat pace and the use of suspended and major chords in the harmony allow for the vocalist Anji to sing sweet lyrics and melodies. I feel a youthful exuberance in “Sunshine & Rainbows”, really enjoying this new tune by Anji. Check it out below!


Songstress and indie rock vocalist hailing from Atlanta GA, Anji is the front woman and mastermind behind a rock band that ranges from electronic to indie rock, alternative, and pop. With powerhouse vocals, soaring melodic lines and shredding guitar solos, each song is a unique journey through a musical soundscape of raw emotion. Her songs are intimate and poetic confessions that bring a refreshing perspective to her listeners, and she is eager to release a more upbeat altpop Light EP this upcoming summer as a follow-up to the more introspective Dark EP that was released this past year.

Daphne Moon – “Calling Carolina” – Facebook / Instagram

Skillful guitar work and syncopated danceable rhythms kick off “Calling Carolina”. This straight ahead rock tune pushes and pulls the energy and builds into a pop rock thrash-y chorus. If you’re needing something that rocks to kick off your short week check out “Calling Carolina” by Daphne Moon.

Alexa Villa – “Invisible” – Instagram

Alexa Villa “Invisible” brings intense haunting feelings. Alexa Villas voice is insanely powerful and emotional. “Invisible” was inspired by a break up and it’s a good thing because otherwise we wouldn’t have gotten this song. It’s well constructed melodies and the way the instrumentals are layered together really bring this to life although the vocals are the main selling point for me. For fans of Amy Lee or Taylor Momsen, check out “Invisible” by Alexa Villa below!


Alexa showcases her ferocity within every verse. Alexa Villa depicts a theatrical range and takes the opportunity to give a gleefully resounding middle- finger to those that have done her wrong. This extreme contrast between glitter and guitars is what makes Alexa Villa so unique as an artist, where she blends the bubbly pop with the angst of rock. Singer/keyboardist Alexa Villa projects a natural confidence, an admirable all-in swagger that leaves the listener convinced of her commitment to every word she sings.

Fransancisco – “Gold” –

“Gold” by Fransancisco is an indie folk song that has layers of vocals that will enchant the listener. It’s a sweet and sentimental romance piece that is simple in instrumentation but lush in terms of its layers. If you’re in need of some healing and love I’d try giving “Gold” by Fransancisco a listen.

Diane Birch – “Boys on Canvas” – Facebook

The harmony and instrumentation really drew me in, it’s so mellow and paints a picture of Manhattan streets. “Boys on Canvas” by Diane Birch has elements of funk, rnb and jazz but also a little rock and roll in vocalists Diane Birch cool timbre. For fans of Erykah Badu, if you’re in the need to feel like you’re the best thing since sliced bread give Diane Birch “Boys on Canvas”. I can see Diane Birch performing with NYC yacht rockers Bad Business.

Check out “Boys on Canvas” below!


Diane Birch is an American singer-songwriter with two critically acclaimed albums, Eps as well as several self-released singles to her discography. She has received extensive press coverage in Billboard, CBS, Rolling Stone, The New York Times, The New Yorker, Interview Magazine, The LA Times, Baeble, Telegraph UK, Refinery 29, The Guardian, Vogue, PopSugar, Elle, and many more. Past performances include opening for Stevie Wonder (in England and France), touring the US with Nick Jonas and the Administration, and opening for Bryan Ferry on the European leg of his spring 2019 tour. Her songs have been featured in several TV shows and films including “Lucifer”, “Valentine’s Day” and an advertising campaign for Olay. She has been compared by critics to Laura Nyro, Elton John, and Stevie Nicks, yet she retains a sound a sensibility that is all her own.

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