New Music Friday

The Balcony – “The Draw” – Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

Pop rock ballad “The Draw” by The Balcony is a familiar and organic radio friendly tune. The vocals command energy and the meditative guitar parts feels familiar and comforting. This is a fuzzy ballad for those who feel like they’re taking big risks weekend. Kind of a “first day of the rest of our life vibe” to “The Draw” by The Balcony. If you’re nostalgic for songs with real instruments check out “The Draw” by The Balcony.


Formed at the beginning of 2019 and quickly making a major impact, The Balcony are the freshest talent in the pop-rock sphere. Their infectious melodies and energetic live performances have garnered the attention of top new music spotters This Feeling, leading to two packed back to back takeover shows in their hometown of Stockton-on-Tees. Engineered by the man behind Young Rebel set Paddy Jordan and produced by Chad Male (Cape Cub) The Balcony’s debut EP is set to take the UK by storm.

Caitlin Quisenberry – “Blue” –

Sweet and whimsical “Blue” Caitlin Quisenberry is a lovely Americana and country tune that really draws you in with the tender sonic qualities of every instrument performed. The vocals, violin, guitars and drums move together as a unit flawlessly while Caitlin Quisenberry recounts a chilling story of heartbreak. Produced in Nashville and featuring some incredible performances you’d be remiss to not check out “Blue” by Caitlin Quisenberry.


“Blue” was produced in Nashville, TN. at Off The Row Studio, and was sung by Caitlin Quisenberry. She was chosen as their new Break Out Artist of the Year for 2020. “Blue” was produced using only live instrumentation from A-list musicians, many of whom are Grammy award winners. Through using the soundboard from The Grand Ole Opry, executive producer, P.T Houston, was able to create a perfect blend of the old and the new. “Blue” is a poetic, timeless and hauntingly beautiful piece that stirs one’s emotions as they listen to the heartbreaking lyrics.

Wes Chiller – “Drift Away” – Instagram
Dreamy and vibey like driving the pacific coast highway with a good weed buzz to get tacos at Neptunes Net with that feeling like you’re out of control and fine with letting go. The production is reminiscent of trip acts like Massive Attack combined with hints of John Mayer. It’s introspective and melancholic about a relationship having ended. It’s so chill I’m drifting away into a daydream listening to it. Check out “Drift Away” by Wes Chiller below.

Chiller represents a new era of rocker who’s free thinking, free wheeling approach inspires the listener not to sweat the small stuff, much less sweat anything in our often over stimulating modern lives and ease into the joy and optimism of celebrating what feels good and natural in the moment. The combined talents and experience of two artists and dear friends along with a low key DIY creative “in-house” approach produces a sound and songs that are as effortlessly fresh as they are time honored and infectious.

JW Francis – “Everything” – Facebook / Instagram
More chill indie romance goodness from JW Francis. We’ve covered a couple of his tunes such as “Lofi” and “Is That the One” and what I’m trying to say is you need to check out JW Francis if you’re into the idea of a love child between artists Aaron Taos and Mac Demarco. It’s lovely and peaceful and will have you lost in thought by the end. It sounds like a good time in Bushwick or a long road trip with nothing to think about to me, check out “Everything” by JW Francis below.
This is what Lane had to say about the video: “I love the main theme of the song lyrics, being sort of a story about star-crossed lovers, and the difficulties that come with that. I wanted to hold onto that sense of longing and loneliness and portray it throughout the video through these two characters. It’s fundamentally about two astronauts returning to earth after a long interstellar voyage, only to find the planet empty. There’s something really bittersweet going on there that I think the song hits as well, and I tried to reflect that balance of pleasantry and doom in the visual style.”

Fake Shape – “Headspace” –

It’s a dreamy yet groovy tune by Fake Shape. “Headspace” is the kind of tune you put on making coffee at home in a Saturday morning if the rest of your day will be spent vinyl shopping at thrift stores in Brooklyn. The production is dreamy and washed out but the rhythm is still somehow tight. I’m loving the album artwork and I think Fake Shape is really onto something with their new tune “Headspace”. Check it out below.


Fake Shape is an Alternative-Indie band from Hamilton, Ontario that formed in September 2018. They have been writing and recording at Fort Rose in Hamilton and are getting ready to release their debut EP, Night Swim.

San Cisco – “Reasons” – Website

Australian pop act San Cisco is back again with a groovy indie tune. The rhythms upbeat and the music video is quirky and artsy. They recently sold out their Australian tour and are headed back out on the road. “Reasons” was produced by the same dude that does Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Beach House so you know it’s tight.  Seriously though, check out “Reasons” below!

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