New Music Monday!!

The Lagoons “Love to Love You” (Indie Pop) – Facebook / Instagram

Reverberated guitars playing thin chords and a lovely romantic pitched vocal performance grooves over the many shades of blue album artwork. The electronic influence is prominent and the instrumentation swells into a saxophone solo reminiscent of LeRoi Moore.

Foreign Fields “Don’t Give Up” – Facebook / Instagram

Lo-fi road trip jam “Don’t Give Up” flows through some serious good vibes as the introspective lyrics are supported by an ever changing landscape of instrumentation. If you’re looking for something heart warming to kick your week off try listening to “Don’t Give Up”.

Sucker Bet “Bottle Rocket” –

Indie rock track “Bottle Rocket” starts off quiet but with a title like “Bottle Rocket” you know its going to build and build until it eventually explodes into a garage rock jam.  Following though is a very melodic and enjoyable low-dynamic rock jam that sounds a bit like a lounge. For fans of Tripping Daisy, check it out below Sucker Bet “Bottle Rocket”.

Scenic Route to Alaska “Daydreaming” – Facebook / Instagram

Get you pumped for the week with a breakaway bluesy track that makes you drift off into another dimension.  The music video is a comical split personality gag with the lead singer fighting themselves. I really enjoy the combination of music video and song although I can see myself really enjoying this song in a live setting especially with a chorus “daydreaming of you”. Check it out “Daydreaming” by Scenic Route to Alaska, it’s rad!

Faux Pas “You Only Live Once” –

High energy danceable rock grooves is what you’ll get with Faux Pas “You Only Live Once”. It’s the fast pace action scene from the movie, it’s the getaway car, it’s the anticipation building before the big explosion. Check out “You Only Live Once” an explosive track by Faux Pas below.

Imperial Daze “Monomania” – Facebook / Instagram

Psychedelic and tense harmonies envelope the listener amid a glitchy and chill groove. I’m a big fan of the way the relaxed and chill vocalists timbre plays against the modal interchange and bouncy rhythms in a way that glues it all together. Check out “Monomania” by Imperial Daze below.


Psychedelic hard rockers Thousand Yard Stare bring the fire with “Schism Algorithm”. The vocabulary heavy lyrics are philosophical and bold while being supported by a meditative yet rocking groove. The trippy synthesizers only adds to the brand, definitely worth checking out below if you’re in the mood to just get lost in a song and drift off.

CLUBHOUSE “Anywhere You Go” – Facebook / Instagram

A chill lo-fi hip-hop beat slowly makes its way to the front and just as suddenly as it was introduced it disappears and layers of vocals are presented in “Anywhere You Go” by CLUBHOUSE. The pitchy vocal take and the fun bouncy beat makes the slightly melancholic harmony feel a little bit more carefree and fun. Check out “Anywhere You Go” out below for a chill kick off to your week.

Fly Felix “Overdose” – Facebook / Instagram

It’s a deeply romantic and chill piece of music. “Overdose” by Fly Felix is a tune that will drift you into a daydream, the larger than life instrumentals have a landscape feel to them. The lyrics are sensual and fun and are about falling in new love. Check out “Overdose” by Fly Felix to start your week off right.

Ben Walsh “She Gives Me Love” –

The only other music video on our list this week “She Gives Me Love” by Ben Walsh is a jangly rock and roll tune that harkens back to sounds like the E Street Band or even farther back to Chuck Berry. It’s so groovy and lively but also has that modern swagger to it. I can hear this playing around bars all around the world, it’s such an enjoyable way to kick off Monday here in the big apple. Check out “She Gives Me Love” by Ben Walsh below!

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