New tunes to kick off the new month!

Hannah Connolly – “Meet You There” – Facebook / Instagram (Singer-Songwriter)

February is sure to be an adventure packed with romance for Hannah Connolly as she unveils her new song “Meet You There” out January 28th. This wonderful track is full of organic tones led through by fingers plucking strings. If you’re looking for something whimsical and daydreamy that will hopefully float you through the cold winter to warmer spring days use “Meet You There” as your soundtrack.


Draag – “Trauma Kit” – Facebook / Instagram (Trip Hop)

A dreamy and lovely tune by Draag, “Trauma Kit”. I can’t help but thinking about lose while the ambience surrounds me and the breathy vocalist performance makes my heart ache. Out of left field “Trauma Kit” introduces a programmed drum beat that adds an interesting layer of dance to this deep cut vibe. Loving the jazz harmony/chromatics in the songwriting! Looking forward to more from Draag!


Tiphanie Doucet – “Je serai l’air” – Facebook / Instagram (Singer-Songwriter)

Sweet and organic “Je serai l’air” belong in every romantic moment of your life, or at least I think it does, because I do not speak French. Organic fingered guitar, bowed chamber strings and a sweet soft female vocal timbre coupled with a drummer who really knows how to hold back come together to make a really lovely ensemble. It is so peaceful and enjoyable to listen to. Really looking forward to adding this to my roadtrip playlists for the summer!


Marti West – “Out Of My Head” – Facebook / Instagram (soft Indie Pop)

I love the way pop melodies and lyrics come together with indie melancholy to create this beautiful love song. Marti West brings to life the struggle of unrequited love with “Out of My Head”. I think what I love about this is how vulnerable it is and how authentic the emotions are, everything comes together in this one. Check out “Out of My head” by Marti West.


Aaron Taos – “I just fell in love with my” – Instagram (Indie Rock)

A similar line of thought to “Out of My Head” by Marti West but farther away from indie and closer to pop is the new Aaron Taos release “I just fell in love with my ex”. The lyrics are a bit comical but also full of heartache. It reminds me of something from Smokey Robinsons catalog if he were writing music today, check it out above!


Have To Have – “Frenemy” – Facebook / Instagram (Garage Rock)

Pop punk, garage rock, alternative alright! “Frenemy” by Have To Have has tinges of Treble Charger and other late 90s goodness in the fuzzy guitars. “Frenemy” makes me want to bang my head, push pit mosh and sing along with the catchy chorus. It’s a really good time with that level of high energy.



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