Wah Wah Club – “Black Rainbow” – (Alternative Rock)

Wah Wah Club – “Black Rainbow” – (Alternative Rock)

An angry trippy music video by Wah Wah Club “Black Rainbow”. It’s dancey and hip in rhythms but with a hint of Nirvana meets My Chemical Romance. It’s everything I enjoyed in music growing up. The production is big like stadium rock and the sense of urgency is prominent throughout and the lyrics are hostile. It’s good to get the angst out, check it out!


Wah Wah Club hail from the much maligned U.K. city of Milton Keynes (an apocalyptic burning version of which, features in the video) . Their sound could be labelled ‘post-grunge’, with influences from Queens of the Stone Age, through to Nirvana, Placebo & The Killers. Their latest release ‘Black Rainbow’ was originally written as a love song but took a dark turn reflecting a troubled time in the band’s life.

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