New week new music! Roni Bar Hadas x Evran x Jenny Kern x The Criticals x Femke

Five new artists you need to be enjoying are; Roni Bar Hadas x Evran x Jenny Kern x The Criticals x Femke..

Roni Bar Hadas “Everything” –

Punchy and perfectly mixed is “Everything” by Roni Bar Hadas. It combines effortless elements organic elements in a dreamy and heartfelt kind of way.  The luxurious room in which the majority of the music video takes place is contradicted by naked people huddling on what looks like a cold staircase. Roni Bar Hadas croons in a way that, well, is crooning its so enjoyable and lovely to listen to. Such a wonderful vocal timbre from Roni Bar Hadas. Check out the sweet yet intense music video above ^.^

Evran “Villains in the Night” –

An ominous repetitive arpeggio kicks of “Villains in the Night” which sonically sounds like a Muse track from its form and harmony to the vocalists timbre. “Villains in the Night” has a dynamic range that feels very much alive and the harmony paints a mysterious picture that invokes wonder and lyrically the song touches on temptation and inner demons. Check out “Villains in the Night” above!

Jenny Kern “Now We Know” –

It’s a dreamy piece of heartfelt melancholy from Jenny Kern. “Now We Know” is about the disappointment and acceptance over the end of a romantic relationship. It’s got a twinge of edge that keeps it entertaining while also being meditative in the performance and orchestration. I get a bit of a Alanis Morissette vibe from Jenny Kerns timbre which between a unique production brings “Now We Know” to a great place. Really excited to hear more from Jenny Kern.

The Criticals “Kansas City” –

Edgy indie vibes from the sonic qualities to the cover art. Sonically I get a lot of the Strokes vibe from The Criticals on this one with how they use compression. Its a high energy rock track that’ll get your week started off intensely and if that’s your vibe you should definitely check out “Kansas City”. The real selling point for me was the artistic risks taken in the bridge that I felt transcended the Strokes style to really make it their own.

Femke “I’m Still Here” –

Its a sweet and sentimental track that grows like a well maintained garden, This Is LV “I’m Still Here” lives up to its brand from the cover art to the organic and sentimental nature of the song to the soft and slightly breathy vocalists timbre. If you’re in the mood to be inspired and get a little nostalgic at the start of this week check out “I’m Still Here” by This Is LV above ^.^

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