New music Thursday!

Kid Nobody “ready or not” –

A chill and electronic based independent production that reminds me of the scenic beauty shots used in transitional periods for Adult Swim programming. It’s a vibey sound that also could be placed well as the background in a bar setting. For fans of; Wildcat! Wildcat!, Miike Snow, Ratatat. Is this what chillwave or vaporwave is? It’s an interesting combination of sounds for sure.

Skye Wallace “Body Lights The Way” –  Soundcloud

It’s a fun music video with an uplifting indie rock that contains mysterious melodic choices on the lead guitar. Skye Wallace has a voice that is free from restraint and sings of empowerment. “Body Lights The Way” is a rad track all around definitely worth checking out below.

Shade “Brain Suck” – Twitter

Heavy and grunge influenced the thin vocal timbre and psychedelic visuals combines everything I enjoy about 90s rock into a modern production. If you’re down with punchy compressed drums, Liam Ghallager has a love child with Billy Corgan who decided to front Shade. There was an absinthe bar called Zombie I used to frequent in Spain and this is the style of music and aesthetic they had. If you’re into something that feels a little dangerous and sexy check this out for sure.

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