JW Francis does it again with “Gold”

It’s  the modern psychedelic rock with its off beat rhythmic qualities and tense harmonic qualities. “Gold” pushes forward with a certain edge of urgency while maintaining lyrical qualities that are dreamy and burdened with complacency. It spans a good amount of space emotionally while maintaining a compressed lo-fi indie sound. JW Francis is performing Wednesday January 29th at the Sultan room in deep Brooklyn, tickets can be found here. Listen to JW Francis’s unique and self described “Lofi bedroom slacker AM radio jangle pop” below!

From JW Francis –

“This song is based off Robert Frost’s poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay.” It’s about trying to stay true.”

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Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, raised in Paris, France, and now based in New York City, JW Francis is a 25 year old songwriter who wants to make people happy. He makes sincere jangle pop: catchy lofi ballads that sound like they were written late at night to a dear friend. With hints of Mac Demarco and the Velvet Underground, his songs are mixtures of dedicated craftsmanship and heartfelt self-expression.

After putting in his time supporting other artists—running a music magazine, Rare Candy, and a recording studio, CU Records—Francis set off to make art of his own, in his own way. When he tours he finds a different backing band in each town. When he records it’s all him or long-time collaborator Sahil Ansari. With Jonathan Richman’s sincerity and Calvin Johnson’s work ethic, Francis’s sensibility touches every stage of the creative process from inception to performance to production to distribution. Whether you’re in the tall grass of Sheep’s Meadow, or just the comfort of your couch, put your hands behind your head, close your eyes, and float on the warm, groovy ballads of JW Francis.

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