New Music Friday!!

“Til I’m a Ghost”- Modern Moxie – Facebook / Twitter

A fun music video accompanies a sick indie rock track. Starting off with a haunting vocal and guitar performance quickly rising to energy levels you might here from popular acts such as Speedy Ortiz. This track has attitude and fits in with my millennial angst towards the establishment. I can see people who are fans of the show Letterkenny getting really into this vibe.

“Don’t Go Changing Without Me”- Lindsay Foote – Website

It’s sentimental and sweet and organic in flavor. The heartbroken lyrics of the Boston based songstress fit into a wanderlust aesthetic in a coming of age fashion. It’s a familiar production style with lush vocal layers and a building instrumental. I can imagine fans of country and folk will really dig Lindsay Foote. Looking forward to more from this artist.

“Tap the Pack” – Sløtface –

This is the high energy boost you might be seeking this Friday. It’s got a pop punk flare with a garage rock loose feeling. This reminds me a ton of heartthrobs Charlie Bliss with a groovy U2 flavor in the verses, oh also they play faster. If this came on at a NYC club I know I’d be bouncing around the room out of control.

“I Love the Way You See the World” – Petter Carlsen –

An otherworldly take on alternative rock music in an uplifting lyrical accompanied way. There is a certain whimsical desperation to this track that will hit you right in the feels. I really love the way “I Love the Way You See the World” builds throughout. Check it out above!

“Morning Light” – Simen Lyngroth – Website

This is a song for Saturday morning over the long weekend. It’s a minimalistic production with a doubled vocal and a finger picked guitar. So lovely, organic and tender. Seriously worth checking out if you’re looking for that track to transport you to a daydream.

“More Blue” – Ian McFarland

An angsty banger of a track that combines influences from 80s through today for rock musicians that have come before. Check out Ian McFarland “More Blue” above.

“Palimpsest” Tuarrah

If you’re familiar with Tuarrah you’ll recognize the soft vocal timbre, hip-hop based drum loop and soft pad synths that create the ambience. However there seems to be more depth to “Palimpsest” than with prior releases. Without getting to academic about the art we can hypothesize that maybe it is the harmonic changes or the layering differences between section. Definitely for fans of groups such as Portishead, Massive Attack and Morcheeba.

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