Vervex “Tides”

Summer may be over, but Vervex is bringing the easy-going vibes of that season back with their song “Tides”. With beachy undertones and upbeat vocals, this song is great listen for anytime of the year. The lyrics are sweet and catchy while the music swells like the ocean. Instruments begin falling out towards the end, leaving us with the simple guitar lick that hooked listeners at the start, and we come to a simplistic tune with pacifying backing vocals. We’re left with the sound of beach waves and seagulls as the song comes to an end, a perfect representation to the ambience we’ve gotten from the rest of the music so far. Check out the alluring and chill tune “Tides” by Vervex below.


Indie Pop from Seattle, Washington.

Vervex is the project of bedroom producer Jake Barrow. Inspired by everything, Vervex ranges from off-kilter lo-fi beats to orchestral baroque pop. At times joined by bandmates, and at other times performing solo, this multi-instrumentalist from Seattle has an enchanting knack for keeping listeners on their toes.

His solo album, Blooprints, made numerous Best of 2016 lists with its hook-heavy beats and buoyant vocals.  His newest LP, On Moon Island, self-released in 2019 before a lengthy national tour, steers away from electropop and experiments with indie rock. Sounds of nostalgia and melancholy permeate the tracks, giving the sense that as Vervex explores different genres, it’s also a band that is maturing and improving with each release.

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