Bad Business x Fantine “Cadillac Villa”

With an upbeat and atypical intro, “Cadillac Villa” is a quick attention grabber. The piano rifts pull listeners in while the catchy vocals entrance them and keep them engaged from beginning to end. The lyrics are riveting and the energy is easy to get lost in. This song speaks to how nothing in life is really perfect, but it’s important to live to the fullest despite that. Enjoy the imperfections in life instead of being held back by them. The bridge brings in an engrossing guitar solo before captivating background vocals lead us out. Check out this fun and funky tune by Bad Business and Fantine below.


We wrote this song while sleeping on a houseboat across the water from a run-down motel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It was called the Cadillac Villa. The place had seen better days. Up close, you could spot the cracks and grime in the once glamorous pink flamingo paint job and art deco facade. This song is about noticing the grime that hides underneath any new experience (love, a new city, a life change), while still leaning into the glamour.

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