Waste Of Paint “Baudelaire Waltz”

Subtle and sweet instrumentation of acoustic guitar and solo vocals introduce “Baudelaire Waltz”. Production wise the mix is organic yet polished and features bits and pieces of spoken words filtered mid-heavy to give it an old time radio sound. What really kept me engaged as a listener was the way sections flowed together seamlessly and the way the arrangement expanded and contracted to allow instruments to be showcased piece by piece while supporting the vocalists introspective and hurt lyrics.

“We are not our thoughts, we are the grand observers of our thoughts. Our songs are narratives based on what we are feeling at the time. Sometimes it’s near suicidal despair, other times it’s anger at what is happening to the world. But every song, every line means something…. more often than not it has multiple meanings depending on which way you interpret the lyrics….. but that’s what we like.”  Explain Waste Of Paint.

Stream “Baudelaire Waltz” below and find the artists socials!


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