Kerri Medders “Overthinking?”

80s nostalgic with a contemporary indie pop flare is Kerri Medders “Overthinking?”. Kerri Medders vocal timbre is dreamy and romantic with a certain vibrato and an ability to go between falsetto and chest voice with ease. While the lyrics are introspective and questioning the artists choices the instrumental arrangement is a quite uplifting and fun pop rock sound. If you feel like you’re in need of figuring out your life this hump day you might find yourself relating to this line in particular.

“I’m gonna make it through this hazy head of mine, give me a little time so I can figure out my life.”

I was pulled in by the way the energy shown some of the dreamy and atmospheric production choices and stuck around for the story. Check out “Overthinking?” by Kerri Medders below!

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Artist Biography

Kerri Medders, 19, is the embodiment of a young woman from the Lone Star State of Texas; her music is layered with individualism and highlights her unique vocals and writing style. Her new single, “Nothing to Lose,” explores the intensity of a new relationship. With all the fierce optimism one has in a relationship that is full of passion and promise. Along with her song “I’m Sorry,” a refreshing look at one’s self, being accountable and aware of the choices they themselves make. The newer music pays homage to, “The end of an era in my life.”

That era began in 2014 and includes EP’s Etched (2015) and Lot 17 (2017), and launched her on a nationwide tour for High School Nation (HSN), where she opened for the Plain White T’s and Drake Bell for more than 90,000 people. She has performed over 70 show in venues/festivals around the U.S. and captured the hearts of thousands of fans with her energetic stage presence and strong vocals.

“When you come to my show,” she says, “I want you to be transported to my world…just leave your worries at the door and take this moment to be with me.” Kerri’s talent has also caught the attention of the press and media; Tiger Beat, Cambio, Just Jared Jr., Popmania, Total Girl, Popstar, Twist, as well as MTV, Dash Radio and AXS TV.

An up and coming actress, Kerri has recurring roles on the Emmy nominated CBS drama SEAL Team and the Emmy-nominated Netflix comedy Alexa & Katie, and has guest-starred on Gamers Guide to Pretty Much Everything on Disney XD, Mystery Girls on Freeform, and Speechless on ABC. She also just wrapped her first feature film as a lead opposite Jackson Rathbone in Do Not Reply, which will release in late 2019.

Kerri resides in Los Angeles.

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