Air Ralley “Plans”

Solid energy and a ton of indie rock and punk energy come through heavily compressed audio. The vocalists timbre has a pop punk flare and the call and response with the mid-heavy filtered vocals adds a nice touch. The chorus hits and the production expands sonically.  “Plans” by Air Ralley seems like it is for pizza loving defend pop-punk college kids. Structurally the song is familiar combining familiar instrumentation and chords to create a generally solid foundation to build a story on top of.

Stream Air Ralley “Plans” below.

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Artist Biography:

Based out of Franklin, TN, Air Ralley is comprised of Kevin Campbell and Rocco Bisagno. With high energy performances and thought provoking lyrics, Air Ralley brings their punk rock roots and blends it with indie rock vibes. Taking their name from fond childhood memories Air Ralley blends the heavy and the hopeful together in one solid package.

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