Dakota “Icon (The Day Version)”

Combining both organic and electronic elements for a relaxing and atmospheric listen is “Icon (The Day Version)” by Dakota. If you need something to soothe your mind this Wednesday you might consider checking it out. Lyrically the song is introspective and dreamy. Soothing and vibey this song reminds me of long night drives in the country or winter in the city. What drew me in initially was the delay used on the lead vocal line and I stuck around for the melody and soundscape qualities in this delightful indie track.

Check out “Icon (The Day Version)” by Dakota below!

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Dakota in short:

– Played at The Great Escape and Reeperbahn Festival in 2017, ESNS (2018) – Has done supports for Gothic Tropic (US), the whole Dutch tour of Klangstof (NL) and played an aftershow for London Grammar (UK) in AFAS – Played on some cool Dutch festivals such as Down The Rabbit Hole, Oerol, Mañana Mañana and Valkhof Festival – Was one of the 12 of 3voor12 during PopRound 2017 (Traveling Dutch Festival) – Dakota works with Ross Warnock @ United Talent Agency (UK), Vivien Avena @ FPK Scorpio (DE) and Marije van Veen @ Hot Topic (NL) – Airplay at Huw Stephens on BBC Radio 1 – Previous releases “Icon”, “Silver Tongue” and “Wanderlust” were positively received by media such as NYLON, NOISEY and THE LINE OF BEST FIT, among many others. Dakota releases the debut album “Here’s The 101 On How To Disappear” on Feb 8th.

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