Fake & The Soul Aesthetic “Bamboola”

Thrashing upbeat rhythms and intense hair styles create the energetic rock and roll track “Bamboola” by Fake & The Soul Aesthetic. The lyrics are all about living your own life and not giving a fuck and I’m down with it. Lose your mind and get lost in “Bamboola”. The neon nightlife style exhibited in the track and the killer rock guitar solos make this for a fun time from start to finish of “Bamboola”. The video is killer, the licks are killer, the energy is amazing, what are you waiting for? Check it out below!

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Fake & The Soul Aesthetic is a collective of artists in Los Angeles, CA. The group is unique and diverse in its conception, as it involves not only the standard 5 piece core instruments with lead vocals by front-man Fake, but also involves background singers & horn section to create an electrifying live performance. Their live show is reminiscent of Prince, whose live band “The Revolution” brought the legend’s sound to life on stage.

Fake & The Soul Aesthetic is a staunch representation of dynamic authenticity, something that is increasingly rare as the digital age continues to unfold. The group combines 70’s funk, 80’s dance, and 50’s rock n’ roll in their sound to bring something completely new in the modern era. Fake is an artist that will transcend the internet’s “one-and-done” culture, and will create a musical legacy that will live on for generations to come. With The Soul Aesthetic, Fake looks to redefine the value of integrity and the importance of the group dynamic in a sea of solo acts.

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