Capital Sons “I’m Sick”

A long silent intro into jangly 90s rock esque driving rhythms. A quick guitar hook leads into Karl Obermeyers disenfranchised vocal performance. Something I really enjoy about “I’m Sick” is how the music is so uplifting and the lyrics are all about hard times. Organic in approach to recording this is sure to hit any fan of Pearl Jam, Wilco, Foo Fighters, Tom Petty or anything that really borders between contemporary and classic rock. Capital Sons are patriotic in their pursuit of happiness and despite the downtrodden lyrics the overall vibe is defiant and anthemic. If you’re looking for a mood boost on a Saturday night try out Capital Sons “I’m Sick”!



With over a decade of performances under their belts in and around the Twin Cities rock scene, Capital Sons are proud to announce the release of their fourth album: Rose-Colored World. Following the positive public and critical reception of their first three releases (Self-titled EP [2006], Dirty Neon [2009], and Swim the High Tide [2013]), Rose-Colored World (2018) is their longest and most ambitious release to date. Rose-Colored World finds the band showcasing their more raw, guitar-driven side which is bolstered by a rock-solid rhythm section, meaningful songwriting, and melodic harmonies. While maintaining the energetic spirit of their crowd-pleasing live shows, Capital Sons have managed to create a full-length album which is sonically diverse, musically colorful, both driving and forceful at times and tender and introspective at others. Rose-Colored World is also chock full of thought-provoking and cohesive lyrical themes that touch on current zeitgeists while still maintaining a certain sense of timelessness.

With upbeat songs like the anthemic opening track “Fugitive”, to the relaxed groove of “Hard Enough to Say”, or their critique on the trappings of modern consumerism in “Rescue These Days”, to the powerful metaphors of loyalty and fidelity in “Anchor”, the band has mindfully crafted this collection of songs. They are instantly accessible, but still give listeners ample reasons to keep returning to discover deeper meaning.


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