Likened to channels like study beats “Halo” by NIGHTMØDE takes a sharp turn with the dark and brooding vocal performance. The instrumentation features a wide array of organic and programmed instruments that fill out a large sonic spectrum. If you’re into chill beats and want something to relax to on this rainy Labor Day that will make you feel a sense of isolation from the rest of the world check out “Halo” by NIGHTMØDE.

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Artist Biography

NIGHTMØDE is the new personal project of writer/producer & multi-instrumentalist Matt Kass. Originally from Philadelphia, Kass is now based in East Nashville, TN, some of his credits include HBO Docs, The Districts, Daru Jones, Swear & Shake, Modern Inventors and more.

For NIGHTMØDE Matt collaborates with a vocalist, writing and constructing songs from the ground up. He’s involved with almost every aspect of the release, from co-composing to playing the instruments, producing, recording and mixing each song. The first NIGHTMØDE single, Penthouse Refugees was released in November 2018 to positive reviews from outlets in the US, Europe and the U.K. “full to the rafters with texture, dynamic, modern and earwormy arrangements. NIGHTMØDE is a sure hit” The second single The Pressure was released in February on French record label New, Hot & Fresh | Kitsuné Musique and was added to Spotify Fresh Finds and Fresh Finds: Index. NIGHTMØDE creates expansive soundscapes with elements that emerge on repeated listens.

Matt approaches his work as a conduit for emotional expression, where everything serves the song, vibe and performance. in 2008, Matt won “Best Live Album” at the Indie Music Awards for Tale of Two Cities by The Brakes, which he produced. in 2013, he co-composed, engineered & mixed the score to the feature length documentary First Comes Love for HBO Documentaries. His compositions have aired on National TV shows & commercials, and have garnered over 100+ million impressions. Matt also studied Ethnomusicology at Cornell University, which has given him a great knowledge of different types of music from around the world.

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