Adam Ezra Group – “Juna Please”

A gruff vocal performance and an uplifting harmonic quality leads Adam Ezra Group through “Juna Please”. The lyrical message to me is about self acceptance and a willingness to take risks. The organic and raw quality of the Adam Ezra Groups style plays into the Nashville sound and the lyrics of nostalgia coupled with beer and whiskey make “Juna Please” have a clear audience in mind. If you’re feeling sentimental on this gray labor day and want to sip a whiskey and listen to the tale of “Juna Please” give a listen to either the studio version or live in studio performance below!

Artist Biography-

Boston’s Adam Ezra Group is pleased to announce that its 19th album, Better Than Bootleg Vol. 3, is set to be released Saturday, August 24. Digital pre-sales begin Wednesday, August 14. Digital downloads include the bonus track, “The Toast.” Recorded at City Winery Boston December 2, 2018, Better Than Bootleg Vol. 3, captures the live essence that can’t be duplicated in the studio.

Also featuring “Juna Please,” co-written with Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee, John Oates, and the standout track, “The Devil Came Up to Boston”, a parody of “The Devil Went Down To Georgia”, Better Than Bootleg Vol. 3 showcases AEG’s energetic bond with its beloved hometown crowd.

“This album is all about the energy and love our fans share with us every night,” lead singer and songwriter, Adam Ezra, said. “It weaves together the artistry of this band. While it’s culminated in our hometown Boston, no matter where we go, it’s home.”

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