SAVANNAH – “Snake in the Grass”

The dark and brooding harmony support an airy vocal performance from SAVANNAH that quickly becomes full of loathing and anger for the romance. The lyrics take a sudden turn at the end of the chorus when she calls the snake in the grass the “love of her life”. This relationship seems as toxic as the tense chord choices make the listener feel. Standard in the way the form works the lyrics and dynamics are what really drew me into “Snake in the Grass”. If you’re into some tasty alt-rock headbangers then you’re going to love the latest track from SAVANNAH.

If you find your summer fling coming to a nasty close try giving “Snake in the Grass” by SAVANNAH a listen.

Artist Biography –

SAVANNAH is an alternative rock artist from Nashville, TN. Inspired by 90s rock queens such as Alanis Morisette, Fiona Apple, and Courtney Love, SAVANNAH brings raw emotion, edgy vocals, and experimental percussion to her music

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