Marny Proudfit – “Europe, Europe”

Sweet and organic is the heartfelt new release from Marny Proudfit “Europe, Europe”. Marny Proudfit has a nostalgic sound to her that creates imagery of serene lakes and mountains or fire escapes late at night. A perfect track for a spirit looking for the latest track to evoke a sense of wanderlust. Lyrically “Europe, Europe” is about accepting the end of a relationship and struggling with moving on. While that may be the case what “Europe, Europe” does for me is allow a sense of new exploration past this relationship. If your summer fling is coming to a close after labor day and you’re having trouble accepting it maybe give “Europe, Europe” a spin to find a kindred spirit within this song.

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Marny Proudfit is an artist, songwriter and musician from Ogden, Utah. With arms outstretched and an eye to all directions, Marny writes and sings to understand the people and places she’s been, and where she’s still going.

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