PREMIERE “Chainless” is intriguing and driving!

“Chainless” by Rivertide is a song about living life like a wild animal. With driving beats and lyrics that revolve around the wilderness and not being able to be tamed. Rivertide has taken it upon himself to help shelter animals with this release and actively promotes adopting dogs and donating to shelters. This explains the album artwork that is definitely going to pull at the hearts of millennial who have decided to adopt dogs instead of having children. If you’re looking for the inspiration to live your best life and be free than try checking out “Chainless” by Rivertide below as well as a link to donate to animal shelters and learn about where this American midwestern songwriter is now!

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Donate to or adopt shelter dogs at


Rivertide is a singer/songwriter from the American midwest. The songs are personal and heartfelt, channeling a wide variety of influences, as well as portraying the artist’s spirit of adventure and passion. These days, you can often find Rivertide traveling and performing throughout Europe: he is currently based in Krakow, Poland,


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